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20 percent protein deer feed

This linkage is mainly due to overheating when hay is baled or stacked with greater than 20 percent moisture, or when silage is harvested at less than 65 percent moisture. ... Let's assume you are supplementing late gestation cows with a 38 percent protein cake. If you feed 2 lb/hd, then the amount of CP supplemented is 2 lb/hd x 0.38 CP = 0..

A Healthy Rumen is a Key Driver of Healthy Deer. Antler Advantage ® deer feeds now feature the Purina ® Advanced Rumen Support System that includes a proprietary blend of minerals to help support rumen health along with key prebiotics for optimal digestion and quality protein. Together these three help support strong antler growth, doe ....

This feed is designed to be fed to deer and elk when limited forbs and browse is available. ... Crude Protein: 16.0%-Lysine: 0.9%-Crude Fat: 4.0%-Crude Fiber-20.0% ....

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Feed Grade Molasses for Sale Nationwide. High-quality feed grade molasses is the signature product from Zook Molasses.Both farmers and animal nutritionists alike agree that liquid. 7. Whitetail Institute 30-06 Mineral and Vitamin Supplement for Deer Food Plots – Provides Antler-Building Nutrition and Scent and Flavor Attracts Deer, 20 lbs, Plus Protein. Features : Contains.

If 16% layer is all chickens eat, that provides them enough protein and other stuff they need to lay efficiently. If they eat a bunch of stuff low in protein, then an additional protein source is a good idea. If you are feeding a feed that is higher than 16% protein, I'd suggest you feed them other stuff low in protein to kind of balance it out.

percent digestible. A diet containing 6 percent crude protein will maintain muscle when animals consume about 2 percent of body mass as dry forage per day. For growth and reproduction, deer need 3 to 5 percent of body mass per day with a protein concentration of 12 to 16 percent. If available native forages cannot provide these.

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